Kashmir has been rightly called an angler's paradise, with a network of rivers and streams as well as high altitude lakes all aounding in trout - both brown and rainbow. Trout fishing is far cheaper than it is in any other part of the world. A lot of very good fishing can be accessed by car . We will set you up in a carpeted camp, cook your meals, attend to your every need. Your only responsibility is to fish - and enjoy the spectacular environment. Season commences 1 st April and ends on 15 th September

Crisscrossing the state are the well-known Sind and Lidder rivers, their tributaries and a silvery network of smaller rivers and streams. The geographical variation along the course of each river is immense, affording endless possibilities for the anglers. Nearer the source of each river, the gradient is steeper and the water s faster flowing. The landscape is generally hilly, with dark brooding pines towering all around. As the river runs its course, the gradient evens out, and the flow of water loses its torrential force. You are now in open countryside where the horizon is wide and sweeping and where trees and willow, poplar and walnut. Trout is a crafty fish, and you will have to practice all your skill to get the bite.

Rivers and streams are divided into approx. 100 beats, most of which are within a two hour drive from Srinagar. If your are more adventurous, you can fish in one of many high altitude lakes ( 14,000fts above sea level. ) which are reached by a trek. Four to eight days trek can be arranged, taking you to spectacularly lovely lakes, each with their own character, cradled by snow clad mountains.

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