The powerful Mughal Emperors who conquered & united India in the 13th to 18th centuries moved their entire palace and administration to Kashmir for 5 months each year, because the weather is always pleasant, the environment is spectacular and much sought after by the rich and powerful.

The British also discovered Kashmir and copied the pleasures of the Mughal Emperors with one lovely addition, Because the Kashmir Maharaja refused land ownership to foriegners, the British introduced houseboats for their pleasure and comfort.Such houseboats,newly built and beautifully carved reproductions of the originals-fitted with all modern facilities from the perfect base for your Kashmir Experience.

Kashmir is in all year round experience. In summer June-September , you can water-ski,explore the lakes by shikara or dongs, relax and sunbathe on your private rooftop verandah, fish for trout in mountains streams. or simply explore the countryside, meet the people and enjoy fascinating shopping on and around the Lakes.

The more adventures can see the real beauty of the region, the Himalayan woods and mountains, by trekking either on foot or by pony through the magnificient countryside.Mughal style trekking and camping ensures your relaxation and comfort by providing guides,cooks,pony-boys and houseboy so that you are entirely free to enjoy the experience with no worries or chores.Back-pack style trekking and camping is also available on request, and the real explorers can trek as far as Ladakh,a 24 day trek to one of the highest regions in the world.

Nearby Gulmarg also offers the highest golf course in the world at 3,000 mtrs and is supposedly the cheapest place in the world tolearn to ski during the winter months from end of December to March.Also during autumn through to springs, September to April 13th, is the small game shooting season.Kashmir truely offers something for everyone at all times of the year.

Our packages offer a taste of the best of Kashmir.They are infinitely flexible within flight schedules and can be extended to suit your own requirements.

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